HIFU Training Overview

SonaCare Medical HIFU products are used in a surgical setting where patient safety and physician training are extremely important. We believe that product education for a physician and his/her support staff is essential to quality clinical care and improved patient outcomes.

Our HIFU training program can be summarized in 4 simple steps:

Step 1 Hifu training


  • Online Portal Training 
  • Advanced Online Simulator Training
  • Live Case Observation
Step 3 Hifu training


  • OR Technical Staff Lecture
  • OR Technical Staff Practice Session
  • Live Case Observation
  • OR Nursing Staff Patient Care Lecture ≈ 1 hour
  • Office Staff Patient Interface Lecture ≈ 1 hour
Step 4 Hifu Training


  • Clinical Account Manager On-site
  • Clinical Account Manager Dedicated Remote Monitoring
  • Clinical Account Manager Group Remote Monitoring
Step 4 Hifu training


SonaCare Medical recommends the use of a proctor until a new physician feels sufficiently competent to perform SonaSurgery procedures independently. An experienced physician list can be provided. 

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Please Note

Please note: As the device manufacturer, the training offered by SonaCare Medical contains technical training on the use of the Sonablate® System. SonaCare Medical will not be responsible for surgical credentialing or training in surgical procedure or technique, nor will the training program it provides be a replacement for hospital credentialing or privileging requirements. In addition to the training offered by SonaCare Medical, each new user is responsible for ensuring that they obtain all medical training necessary to utilize the Sonablate® System safely and correctly, and to meet any certification, credentialing or privileging requirements that apply to the new user.

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