Sonatherm® is a robotic laparoscopic probe used to deliver precise and focused ablative energy to soft tissue with a customizable zone of ablation.

Laparoscopic HIFU Surgical Ablation System

Care Capabilities

  • Short operating times
  • Quick patient recovery
  • Real-time imaging
  • Minimally invasive robotic ablation

Sonatherm Features

  • 4 MHz HIFU transducer
  • 35 mm focal length (30 mm ablation depth)
  • 6.5 MHz ultrasound imaging (biplanar) 
  • Compatible with 15 mm port
  • Conformal patient coupling
  • Single-use probe tip


Sonatherm® uses a robotic laparoscopic probe to deliver precise and focused ablative therapy to soft tissue with a customizable ablation zone. Sonatherm is powered by an exclusive focused ultrasound platform, known as Sonasource, which allows physicians to:

1. AIM


Aim at specific tissue using integrated ultrasound imaging and sophisticated planning tools.

The Sonatherm® system uses high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy to ablate soft tissue within the body. HIFU waves are concentrated from the transducer (similar to a magnifying glass) into the ablation zone.



Ablate with pinpoint accuracy while sparing untargeted tissue.

During thermal ablation, the temperature rises rapidly causing complete cellular necrosis, destroying all targeted tissue. The ablation of soft tissue with the laparoscopic probe occurs from the ultrasound focal zone back to the surface of the targeted ablation area.



procedure results using real-time ultrasound imaging.

The laparoscopic probe's robotic transducer is fully integrated with imaging and ablation crystals, combined within the same transducer.

Sonatherm® Insertion Pack

Comprised of a sterile probe tip pack and a water path kit. The probe tip allows sterile patient contact required for acoustic coupling between the target tissue and energy source. The water path tubing connects the probe tip directly to the Sonachill, which controls the temperature of the transducer by circulating sterile water.


Regulatory Statement

Sonatherm® laparoscopic HIFU surgical ablation system has 510(K) clearance in the U.S., CE Marking and has obtained regulatory authorization in more than 30 countries outside the U.S. Sonatherm is indicated for the laparoscopic or intraoperative ablation of soft tissue from the ultrasound focal zone back to the surface of the targeted ablation area in General Surgery. Sonatherm is not to be used for non-invasive ablation, i.e. leaving intervening tissue spared, and it is not indicated for the ablation of Prostate tissue. Caution: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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