SonaCare Medical Presents Sonablate®

Now granted FDA regulatory authorization through the de novo process for prostate tissue ablation in the United States.

SonaSurgery - Sound Medicine

Earlier diagnosis calls for surgeons to adopt an expanded treatment paradigm that balances disease control and quality of life.

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    SonaSurgery offers a new clinical option between Surveillance and Surgery by utilizing transformative technology to destroy only targeted tissue in minimally invasive procedures.

    SonaSurgery gives surgeons minimally invasive options for destroying unhealthy tissue with thermal ablation throughout the body. SonaSurgery is a new treatment paradigm that combines elements from radiology, needle ablation and surgery to effectively ablate targeted tissue with minimal impact on a patient's quality of life.

    • Sound-based, tissue sparing, surgical intervention across specialties
    • More favorable outcomes via "non-cutting" intervention
    • Multi-modality imaging sees the outside and inside of the targeted area
    • Increases the number of patients appropriate for surgical intervention
    • Reduces costs associated with surgical intervention
    • Ideally suited for the "Hybrid Operating Theater"

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  • Sonablate® HIFU Prostate Tissue Ablation Performed on First San Francisco Patient

    Michael J. Lazar, MD is the first physician to offer the recently FDA-cleared Sonablate® prostate tissue ablation procedure for men in San Francisco, CA.

    SonaCare Medical, LLC announces that a second location in the United States has performed a prostate tissue ablation procedure using the company's Sonablate® High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology which FDA granted regulatory authorization for on October 9, 2015.


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